Leveraging the secret marketing ingredient: Here’s why scent marketing is a great tool to grow your business

If you were asked to imagine heaven; what do you think it would smell like? Perhaps the best scent that your nose ever received? Certainly, it doesn’t smell like sweat and garbage, right?

Scents and great smells are a great way to bring pleasure to someone. In fact, it is one of the oldest tricks in the books that if you need to impress someone, the least that you have to do is smell nice. Considering the significance of smelling great, ambient scenting is a great marketing tool to grow your business.

People associate a lot with great scents. Imagine yourself walking into a store that smells great. You’d instantly be hypnotized a little. Your perception of the place becomes elevated, and you’d be willing to pay a premium to the store because they offer you a great experience. 

In this article, we shall see the many benefits that ambient scenting can bring your business. But before we jump to that, let’s analyse what the phenomenon is in the first place:

What’s the secret behind scent marketing?

Human beings are naturally made to perceive through the five physical senses that we have. Why do you enjoy good food? Because your taste buds signal the brain that it’s great. That’s the reason why we move after quality food because our brain associates pleasure with that.

Similarly, if you can please the noses of your customers, you are giving them a positive memory to savour. Their subconscious mind will always crave for more. Even if they can’t consciously pinpoint what draws them towards your business, the mind’s quest for pleasure shall bring them to you.

It’s pure science. The great smell initiates a response in the olfactory system of the body, which tells the brain that the smell that’s detected is amazing. 

So by using the science and the human need to look for pleasures, you can create the perfect marketing strategy by incorporating ambient scenting into it. There’s a reason why people shop at luxury stores and are willing to even overpay for the products.

Remember, most people don’t buy the product. They buy the experience. That’s the reason why people love to shop at LV, Gucci, Armani, etc.

What’s in it for you?

Now that you understand the dynamics of how the smells work, let’s see what you can expect to achieve by implementing this marketing strategy:

Loyal Customers

People love to go back to places where they feel great. When you give them a positive memory, they’ll become loyal to your business and would love to purchase stuff from you. This is not just for consumer goods or food stores.

Even hotels can implement ambient scenting and get a good number of returning guests. You just need to select the right scent that rightly resonates with your business and brands. Consider Starbucks, for instance. People don’t just pay for the coffee. They pay for the overall experience that Starbucks offers.

Findings reveal that a scent that matches the desired brand image leads to more favorable responses such as higher perception of comfort, higher perception of cleanliness and increased positive word of mouth intentions… Crouse, Tara (2010)

You’ll make more profits

This one is a no-brainer. When people love to spend time at your place, they’d definitely make transactions as well. Ambient scenting truly is an investment rather than an expense. By providing a high-value experience to the customers, you can surely get them to purchase from your business.

In fact, many a time, people would love to shop for a product from a pricey store because of the experience. They could’ve gotten the same thing cheaper somewhere else, but that wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.

You’ll become a comfort zone

Getting to become someone’s comfort zone is a great achievement for any business. Businesses that use ambient scent marketing have a higher chance of making people feel familiarized. Scents have that magic. 

It happens with individuals all the time. Scents have the power to influence our imagination. If you use the right scents, people can surely associate familiarity with you. And that’s something even the giant brands aim to achieve.

What’s next? 

Now that you know the benefits, you’d surely want them for your business, right? 

But before you are tempted to use the home scents or local products for scenting your work area, pay attention. Sub-quality scents are harmful to health. By using cheap products, you risk the lives of your staff, customers, and even yourself. 

Home scents pose serious risks to human lives, and prolonged exposure can lead to life-threatening health conditions. 

Only use scents that are certified for ambient scenting. They are a little pricey compared to the home oils and scents, but with the benefits that they offer, you shall recover the cost in no time. 

Also, if you are unsure of what scent shall go best with the business, then you are welcome to sign up for our free consultation. We help businesses become brands with the help of ambient scenting.

Final Words

All that’s left for you is to let us know about your ambient scenting needs. We’ll take care of the rest from thereon. From the best diffuser machines to helping you select the smells that’ll get well with your business, we’ll help you with everything.

Our business model offers flexible options for you. You may choose to purchase the machines or rent them for periods ranging from 1 day to 2 years. Ping us right away and get the best ambient scenting options for your business.