Enhance the relaxation experience for your clients: Here’s how you can choose the best ambient scents for your spas

A spa is all about the good vibes. It’s a place where people come to let go of their worries and feel light and relaxed. If you can deliver them the joy of ultimate relaxation, then they are sure to come back to you over and over again.

One secret ingredient that helps people relax at spas is fragrance. By finding the right scent, you’ll not only make them a recurring client, but they’ll also market you for free via word of mouth.

The real challenge, however, is to select the right scent. Not all scents are made to fit each setting. For instance, a grassy and muddy smell would be awesome in a garden. But if that’s something a wedding hall smells like, then that can be a turnoff.

So here we are, the scent experts, helping you to choose the right scent for your spas so that your clients can be super relaxed and you can see your business grow. Here’s how to choose the right sense:

Know the scent science

Smells are known to induce chemical reactions in our brains. That’s why different smells have a different impact on our brains. Some make us go into the past and reminisce on memories. Some smells can trigger feelings of upliftment and make the receiver hopeful.

Nonetheless, some smells are sombre and need to be used for specific occasions. Know what you want the client to feel and select the smells accordingly. You may even research into the matter thoroughly and get something that sits right with the spa.

“Smell has been a somewhat neglected sense in terms of being used to help differentiate brands, so scents are one of the final frontiers for marketers,” Maureen Morrin

Determine the mood of the place

Think and determine what you want your clients to feel when they come to your spa. Then choose the right smells that compliment the mood

Choosing smells that fill a person with positive vibes and leave them relaxed is usually the best scent idea for a spa. 

Welcome the change

Every smell has three notes: headnote, heart note, and base note. The first is the one that strikes immediately. The second and the third ones seep in slowly and leave a rather lasting impact. You should try and use this knowledge to the advantage of your business.

Do not stay static. Keep changing the smells slightly. For instance, consider smells that have two notes as the same and one-note different. When you implement this subtle change regularly, you’ll see that your clients will subconsciously feel drawn to you.

That’s because their brains won’t get used to uniformity. Plus, they’ll be curious on a subconscious level to see what new flavour you’ve got to offer.

Be observant

After you implement ambient scenting for your spa, observe if there’s a change in the behaviour of your clients. Observe how many of them return and with what frequency. Also, you may as well ask their opinion about the scents.

This will let you know if the ambient scenting is working as a marketing strategy. If you get a negative response, then be bold to make a switch to a different scent depending upon the clientele’s feedback.

Consult the experts

As a spa owner, you would know the magic that the right scent can do. Yet, you may not have the expertise to select the right scent for your spa. That’s when consulting an expert can come in super handy. 

If you are struggling with choosing the right scent, then contact us right away. Scent Australia masters the art of ambient scenting and has helped a lot of businesses to grow by implementing ambient scenting.

We understand that different businesses look for different purposes out of the smells they choose. That’s why we can help you out or at least help you think in the right direction when it comes to scents

Final Words

Want to choose the right scent for your spa? Allow us to assist you. Our consultation service is absolutely free

The benefits and the true potential of the right ambient scents are still not fully discovered. Yet, we just know that our brain dances with pleasure when it enters a place that smells like heaven. Make sure that your spa offers that experience to the clients as well. 

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