Make your hotels a pleasant place to stay

f you are in the hotel industry, then you already know the importance of delivering the best customer experience. Failing to make the place hospitable can leave your rooms vacant and your pockets empty. One way to deliver an amazing experience to your customers is to make the place scented.

Ambient scenting has shown some promising results for the hotel industry. In fact, some of the best-rated hotels on Google and other hotel-rating platforms are the ones that have installed ambient scenting systems. A pleasant atmosphere is always welcoming! 

Spacious rooms aren’t the only thing that’ll attract customers. If you want to have the edge over your competition, then you need to hook the customer from the moment they enter your hotel. In this article, we shall highlight the key locations to emphasise when considering ambient scenting for your hotels. 

How to select the right areas for ambient scenting?

You’d think that scenting the rooms would be the best strategy to attract travellers. That’s a wrong perception. There's less likelihood that people will come to stay with you if your rooms smell great, but the lobby or entrance stinks. While a well-scented room is a must, there are other places to target as well.

When planning ambient scenting for the hotel, the focus areas should be the ones that receive the most footprints. Well, each hotel has different areas of focus, and you must get experts to analyse the area and offer you ambient scenting solutions. 

However, down below are a few common areas that you must definitely get scented:


A well-maintained, pleasant entrance is what people must notice the moment they step into the place. Normally, the people who enter the hotel entrances and lobbies are pretty worn out. 

The introduction of ambient scents in different business facilities might be an effective strategy to influence customers' emotions and, ultimately, their experience. (Gloria Sanmartín, 2021)

Make them refreshed by making your lobbies smell like heaven with high-quality ambient scents. Your alluring lobbies will make them want to explore more. Frankly, hardly anyone leaves once you make a solid first impression on them.

Gym and fitness centres

Make sure your gyms and fitness centres don’t smell sweaty. These areas are often the most neglected ones, yet they are crucial. 

Scenting the gym and fitness centres will keep the hotel smelling consistent. Plus, it’ll remove all the foul odours that are harmful to human health.

Meeting Rooms

Corporate guests are some of the highest-paying guests that hotels receive. Make sure that you don’t just give them great services but also ensure that their meetings are pleasant. You can do this by making the meeting rooms smell great using the best ambient scents

Plus, that’s also a marketing technique. Because people associate great memories with great smells. So the next time one of the guests requires a hotel room after a meeting, guess where they’ll come?

What’s next?

If you want your hotel business to grow, then consider ambient scenting solutions. You’d want to make great impressions on your guests. All you got to do is please their nose, and you’ll surely make a way to their hearts. 

Ambient scenting has delivered great results for hotels if done the right way. You can deliver amazing experiences to your guests, and they’d be happy they chose to stay with you. With our top-quality scents, your hotel is on an accelerated trajectory to growth.

If you want to reap the benefits of ambient scenting, then contact us right away. We offer free consultation services. With our assistance, you can choose which scents will make up for a perfect complement to your hotel spaces.

We’ll also assist you with financing models for our diffuser machines. You may rent them or choose to purchase them depending upon what sits right with your ambient scenting needs.