Top 5 – Health Benefits of Lavender

Top 5 – Health Benefits of LavenderLavender is a flowering plant native to the Western Mediterranean region. Diffusing a Lavender scent don't just smell good, it’s good for you and provide a number of health benefits. Lavender oil is a favourite oil amongst aroma therapists and holistic health experts alike. Learn what the best benefits of a Lavender fragrance are...

Encourage relaxation: when inhaled a lavender scent has been said to put a person’s mind at peace and thus relax their whole body.

Cure insomnia: when someone feels more relax, it is easier for this person to fall asleep. Bad thoughts and stress are big causes of insomnia so fighting these issues will help.

Relieve pain: Lavender is known to treat migraines and headaches.

Relieve Nerve Tension: Lavender Scent can be used to treat people’s depression and anxiety as it stimulates the nervous system.

Purify the air: Lavender hunts bad smells and contributes to a general agreeable scent in the air when diffused.

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