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Open your windows

The first thing to do to keep your home fresh is to bring some new air inside your house. Even in winter it is important to open your windows so that ambient air can be renewed. Thus, bad smells will leave and the air will be purer. Twenty minutes each day are enough to allow a good circulation.


Baking Soda

Sure baking soda does not seem like the best scent in the world but it is perfect to neutralize bad scents! It works well to place a box of baking soda in any smelly places like cupboards, sports bags, shoes, trashes or any other object with a strong smell.


Create your own scented bead packs

Lavender is a beautiful scented flower. The scent of lavender is good to relax and brings a peaceful atmosphere to any room. Just pick up some fresh lavenders, cut it in small pieces and enclose these pieces in small bags. You can then place these bags in your cupboards to keep your linen fresh.



Cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate cakes emanate a mouth-watering scent easily. Bonus: the smell of vanilla is also an aphrodisiac scent…


Use our Micro diffusers

With our vanilla, lavender and many other scents, our Micro Diffusers are the easiest way to bring a beautiful scent in your whole house. Shop here for home-designed solutions and enjoy our wonderful fragrances!