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Air Conditioner Diffusers, Fragrances & Scents

Air conditioner scents, fragrance or perfume with air conditioning diffusers

Premium air conditioning scent diffuser for large and very large areas!

The Central Air range of air conditioner diffusers direct an air conditioner fragrance straight into the ducted air-conditioning ducts via the air handling unit (AHU) (air-conditioning / High Volume Air Conditioning (HVAC)).

These HVAC air diffusers allow even and precisely controlled scenting of any sized area from a small shop to a large shopping mall via the ducted air conditioning and can be used for both Scent Marketing and odour control.

To rent air conditioning diffusers contact us now to discuss available air conditioner scents, fragrances, perfumes or aromas - we can create any perfume required!

Large Air Conditioner Diffusers


Quiet, smooth operation

This electric HVAC diffuser is our most discrete scent diffuser.


Extremely Powerful

No area is too big for this very powerful air diffuser system. The Central Air models, 1, 2.3, 4.5 and 5.10 cover areas from 150 m2 to 1,500 m2 or 2,500 m3 to 20,000 m3 of air coverage.


Very low scent consumption rate

The consumption rate of scent in this electric air conditioner fragrance dispenser is very low and is completely adjustable.


Healthy fragrance diffusion

Since there is no heat used, the chemical properties of the fragrances are not altered, which provides not only a healthy fragrance diffusion, but also prevents dangerous toxic mutation of chemical properties caused by heat.

To hire a large air conditioning scent diffuser, contact us now

Air Conditioning Diffusers System Specifications

HVAC Scent Diffuser (4 model options for 1-10 diffusers)
W: 30cm L: 20cm H: 20cm
240v, 70-100 watts
Black / silver (gloss aluminium)
Refill Bottle
400-4,000ml per diffuser fine fragrance oil
Micro Diffusion Technology
Up to 900-9,000 m3 depending on model selected
Electronic power selector (on/off/timer and diffusion cycle for intensity control)
Area of use
Can be used for all room sizes up to and including the colosseum!

Air Conditioner Fragrances from around the world

Scent Australia works exclusively with world leading French and United States based perfumers whom are directly responsible for many top selling international designer perfumes.

Our Master Perfumers design an exclusive signature fragrance, scent or perfume for use with our range of perfume, scent or fragrance diffusers.

Stand out from your competition, improve your brand and provide a better customer experience with unique air conditioner scents developed by our world leading international perfumers.

Get a free consultation now We help brands to reach their business goals using scent. Get in touch to hear how we can help your business.

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