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Vigorous competition marks the fashion industry. You battle not just the fashion brands in your location, but thanks to online shopping, with global brands and distributors. Ambient scenting is quickly becoming the go-to for many store owners to add visceral pleasure to an in-store shopping experience. The subtle addition of scent will improve a customer's mood, helping them relax and enjoy their time in your store. It’s a cost effective way to create a strong emotional connection to draw customers back to your store and will help you build an impressive brand image. 

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Benefits / Evidence of the effectiveness of scent marketing

 It’s easier than you think to give visitors to your store an unforgettable experience with the perfect scent.

Perception of Brand

A little extra indulgence in the air will help to develop your fashion label as a luxurious and sought-after brand.

Perception of Product Quality

Fashion shoppers make quick assessments of product quality, scent can help create an atmosphere of comfortable luxury and enhance the appeal of a brand worth exploring.

Customer Experience

A relaxing, luxurious fragrance makes customers feel welcome, increases the amount of time they spend in store and enhances their perception of your products, brand, and service. 

Customer Loyalty

Use a comforting fragrance to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to shop more frequently, promote your brand, and feel good about being your customer.

Dwell Time

Create an inviting in-store ambience to encourage customers to linger; spending longer browsing shelves and clothes, trying outfits on, purchasing items, and enjoying themselves. 

Odour Control

Controlling the odour in your store could mean the difference between customers who stay longer and spend more vs customers who leave sooner and spend less.

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Create a lasting impression with customers and take your shop to the next level with scent marketing.

If you want consumers to “smell” your quality, find excellence in your brand, and generate a designer appeal with your name, we can create brand awareness with the perfect scented brand strategy tailored to you. Contact us today to speak with a Scent Australia team member about scent marketing for your fashion brand.

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