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Scent is an often overlooked element of property decor, yet it has the power to drastically enhance the atmosphere. By diffusing fragrance into a property, you can create an environment that invites people in and encourages them to stay. The calming and relaxing effects of scent will help make your properties more appealing than ever to tenants and prospective buyers alike.

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Benefits / Evidence of the effectiveness of scent marketing

Scent marketing is a cost-effective and easy way to enhance tenant experience, attract new customers, and elevate your brand image.

Tenant Experience

Add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to tenant experience while making your properties more attractive and welcoming with an invitingly fragrant atmosphere. 

Tenant Loyalty

Tenants associate fresh-smelling public areas and apartments with cleanliness and attentive staff, this increases perceived property value, resident retention rates, and brand loyalty.

Perception of Building Quality

Ambient scenting can enhance the perceived quality of your properties, helping potential buyers to feel calmer, composed, relaxed, and enjoying the vibe that your properties exude. 

Property Differentiation

Scent makes a powerful impression on potential buyers and can help your properties stand out when you target your market with the right fragrance.

Odour Control in the Property Industry

Make sure your properties smell as good as they look. A pleasant smell is key to creating a positive impression of your property; bad odours can drive away potential customers.

Employee Satisfaction

The property industry is a cutthroat business; ambient scenting can reduce stress in the workplace, leading to improved results from your staff.

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Create a lasting impression with customers and take your property business to the next level with scent marketing.

Make your property stand out by adding an aroma that evokes feelings of wellbeing, peace, and relaxation. Contact us today and let us help you create an atmosphere that comforts tenants, leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers and helps you seal the deal faster.

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